Where do you build?

We build in the Quad Cities (Iowa) and surrounding areas.

When is the best time to build?

Spring/Summer are ideal times to build. Although its possible to build all year round, some weather delays are inevitable during winter months.

I still need to sell my old home. Do you have a recommended real estate agent?

Yes! To help make your home transition as easy as possible, we have a preferred real estate agent. Please inquire for more information.

How do I find a floor plan?

We have many different floor plans we’ve used in our spec homes. We are also willing and able to help create a custom floor plan tailored to the clients needs. Oftentimes, we use a combination of existing floor plans and new ideas!

Do I purchase a lot myself?

McCoy Homes will purchase a lot once it is determined to fit the criteria for the proposed home.

What are the steps to building my own McCoy Home?

We would first meet to begin the process of finding the perfect floor plan, tentative lot and targeted numbers. We would then form an estimated build cost, though ultimately pre-approval from your bank will set your budget. Once we finalize prints, we come to a total cost, then a contract is is signed and construction begins.

What happens when I sign a contract?

We compile all allowances and a detailed specification sheet into your contract.

What should I bring to an initial homebuilding appointment?

Bring any wish lists, ideas, inspirations and floor plans you have.

How do payments and financing work?

At the time of contract signing, a down payment is required. McCoy Homes will carry your construction loan through the building process. You will simply purchase the home from us at closing.

What type of warranty do you provide?

We offer a standard builders one year warranty, as well as manufacturer warranties. After one year ( which gives your home time to acclimate to all four seasons), contact us for your follow-up walk through.

How do you manage my project?

We use an interactive construction management portal that you will be able to access. You will have your own home page, be able to view schedules, approve selections, view photos and message us directly.

How long does it take to build?

4-6 months is the average length of time for a custom build, although weather and any contract changes a homeowner submits can delay progress.

Do I need to make all of my selections before I sign a contact?

We have some standard selections figured into your contract based on your specifications. We will then supply you with a building outline. This outline will give deadlines for each category. We will be there every step of this process, should you need help or suggestions.

When making my selections for my house, how do I know what I can spend?

You will be provided a specification sheet and allowances for your selections.

Should we ever expect extra costs above the original construction bid?

When signing a contract for a custom home the budget will always remain the same unless changes or upgrades are made during the building process.

Are your homes energy efficient?

Yes. We use standard high efficiency HVAC equipment, LED lightbulbs and have a third party conduct an energy audit prior to the drywall stage and again at the end of construction.

What is the price range for your homes?

We build homes in the $350,000-$750,000 price range.

Email alissa@mccoyhomesqc.com to request more information or make an appointment